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There are two options for submitting NAVs on funds listed on Euronext Dublin:

  • set up a NAV file in advance and submit via email or
  • use single NAV entry on Euronext Direct.

Both options require you to register on Euronext Direct. The processes are detailed below.

Set up a NAV file

Register for free (If not already registered).

Once registered, login and select the NAV file template you wish to set up following the NAV formatting guidelines. You can use the ISE NAV template or you can use your own file by selecting My NAV template.

You will be required to:

  • select a file name
  • upload your file for testing
  • provide file contacts details
  • agree to the NAV Services terms and conditions

You can also set up multiple files.

We will ensure the file name you have selected is unique and that the file follows the required format. We will email you when your file is set up and ready for reporting.

Once approved, files are emailed to

Single NAV entry

Register for free (If not already registered).

Once registered, login and complete the form.

Note on submitting NAV information:

  • Only valid SEDOLs for listed funds can be entered (Search for SEDOLS for listed funds)
  • Only positive NAV value(s) with a maximum of eight decimal places can be entered.
  • Where a NAV value is entered, the NAV date must be provided.
  • Where a bid and/or offer value is entered the bid/offer date must be provided.

The information entered on Euronext Direct will feed through to the Euronext Dublin website.

Amend or cancel a NAV(s)

Register for free (If not already registered).

Once registered, login and complete the form. There is an option to amend or cancel a single or multiple NAV.

You are required to provide the reason for the amendment or cancellation.

For a request to change a single NAV a file upload is optional. For multiple NAV changes a file upload with the new information is required.

We will email you when your NAV change is actioned. The change(s) will feed through to the Euronext Dublin website.


Why submit NAVs?

Submission of NAV information is a regulatory requirement for funds listed with us. It should be notified upon calculation and we will publish this information once received.

Can I submit NAVs in any other way?

You may submit NAVs by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) also. FTP is a simple and secure way to exchange files over the internet. This process can be attractive due to the speed and accuracy of update. We can accept files in CSV, TXT and DAT format. Please contact our NAV services team should you wish to submit NAVs using FTP.

Can I report estimated NAVs?

No. Only final NAVs can be submitted.

Can I submit NAVs without registering?

No. NAVs can only be submitted and processed by registered users. Each individual who submits NAVs needs to register on Euronext Direct.

Who can register to submit NAVs?

The fund and service providers contracted to the fund can submit NAVs e.g. the fund administrator.

Can I register a group email address?


If you are unable to access your activation email please email and we will activate your account.

Please note that a user intending to submit a NAV from a group email address must also register as an individual.

If I am already registered on Euronext Direct do I need to register again?


I have registered but I cannot logon, how do I activate my registered user account?

An account activation email will be immediately sent to the email address which you registered on Euronext Direct. In some cases, your email account may be configured to block certain emails or mark them as spam.

If the activation email is in your spam folder, please ensure that you mark as not spam in order to ensure that any further emails from Euronext Direct are received to your inbox. For more information on your email configuration, you may need to contact your IT Service Provider or IT department.

Terms and Conditions

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